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MountainHeart Community Services, Inc.

Request for Proposals (RFP)
RFP Identifier:  MTHTERATE040120

Telecommunications and Internet Access Services

Universal Service Administrative Fund

RFPs will be accepted by MountainHeart Community Services, Inc. for the provision of telecommunications and internet services in Wyoming County, West Virginia.  This will include the following:

Telecommunication Services
Service Quantity and/or Capacity
Local Telephone Service 9 Lines (7 Points of Demarcation)
Cellular with Data Service 6 Lines
Internet Services
Service Quantity and/or Capacity
Internet Access 7 Sites

Profile:  MountainHeart Community Services, Inc. Head Start

MountainHeart currently has 7 sites that are eligible for reimbursement through USAC via the E-Rate Program.  Each center is located in a remote area of Wyoming County in Southern West Virginia to best serve the needs of the public.

Each center will require a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) line and a high speed internet connection.

  • Phone numbers are already designated for each site.
  • We also have management staff that will require cellular service with SMS service as well a Director that will require data service for the purpose of accessing email and web on a smart phone.

Each RFP must be brief and submitted via the email address listed below.  It must contain the name, address and contact information as well as relevant experience.  RFPs must be received by email by 4:30 p.m. on April 28, 2020.  RFPs received after the scheduled closing time will not be reviewed.  Persons and/or agencies submitting bids should be able to insure that they can provide quality services in the proposed area.  All questions must be submitted by email to the address below and will be answered on the website to avoid one-on-one interaction during the bidding process.  Telephone calls will not be allowed.

RFP responses and additional questions must be submitted to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE PERMITTED!

Responses to questions will be posted to this web page.  Individual requests for information will be summarized and addressed on this page.

Location Information:

Phone Number Address

304-682-8274 (Fax)

33 MountainHeart Lane
Matheny, WV 24860
304-732-7711 11654 RD Bailey Highway
Pineville, WV 24874
304-682-4899 157 Glen Fork Hollow Rd.
Glen Fork, WV 25845
304-664-5614 374½ Lizard Creek Rd.
Hanover, WV 24839
304-682-4625 2387 Clear Fork Road
Clear Fork, WV 24822
304-294-6079 3776 Mountaineer Hwy.
Maben, WV 25870

130 College Drive
Saulsville, WV 25876

Additional Information Concerning Services

  1. We will consider all types of internet as long as service is reliable and available in the area.
  2. Our minimum speed requirement for internet connections is 3M/1M.  Our fastest current internet connection is 25M/5M.
  3. All Head Start centers use dynamic IP addresses.  Static IPs are not necessary.  The administrative office in Matheny does use Static IPs.

Question and Answers Concerning RFPs

No additional questions have been asked at this time.

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