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Melodee Price

Early Childhood Specialist

I am Melodee Price and I work out of the Elkins office for MountainHeart North.  I am an Early Childhood Specialist who has been with the agency since 2001.  I provide trainings to the child care providers in the 15 counties that we serve.  My focus is on early childhood development for children 2 through 5 years old but I can assist you with children birth through the school age years.  I graduated from Fairmont State College with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Family and Consumer Science and an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education.  I have been working in the field of child care for over 20 years as a Behavior Health Specialist Teacher, Family Educator for Head Start, Casemanger and Supervisor for child care services, and most recently my role as a trainer.  I can be reached out of the Elkins office at 1-877-862-3103.


Morgan Nucilli

Early Childhood Specialist

I am Morgan Nucilli, Early Childhood Specialist located in the Elkins office. I graduated Fairmont State University with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Family and Consumer Science and an Associates Degree of Applied Science with a specialization in Early Childhood. I worked as Early Childhood Educator for seven years, Family Educator for three years, and will continue to provide information and materials to Early Childhood teachers and providers while being in my role as Early Childhood Specialist with MountainHeart. I can be reached at the Elkins office at 1-877-862-3103 or 304-637-2840.


Jaime Price

Quality Improvement Outreach and Support Specialist

Jaime Price works as a Quality Improvement Outreach and Support Specialist covering the fifteen counties of MountainHeart North Child Care Resource and Referral out of the Elkins office. She assists early childhood education programs to help them become knowledgeable about WV’s Tiered Reimbursement System and quality improvement. Jaime provides consultation to directors of child care centers, family child care facilities, and family child care home providers regarding tiered reimbursement, often referred to as Tier II. While working with early childhood education programs, Jaime helps them to raise the quality of care they offer by linking the program or provider to other members of MountainHeart’s Professional Development Team. These referrals to other team members involve a process of on-site technical assistance utilizing such strategies as problem-solving, mentoring, observation, consultation, and referral to additional resources. For programs that currently have Tier II status, she assists them with any questions or issues they may have to maintain their ranking of a higher level of quality. In addition, she provides community education to families about tiered reimbursement, the importance of seeking higher quality child care, and what to look for in a high-quality program. Jaime graduated from Fairmont State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science.  She also holds a Master's degree from Walden University in Early Childhood Studies with a concentration in Teaching Adults in Early Childhood.  Over the years, she has held other various positions within the early childhood field including that of Child Care Center Director and Teacher, Head Start Teacher, and completed an internship with WV Birth to Three. Jaime can be reached at 304-637-2840 or 1-877-862-3103.


Tiffany Kiess

Infant Toddler Specialist

My name is Tiffany Kiess and I am an Infant/Toddler Specialist for MountainHeart Community Services Inc.  I am located in the Elkins, WV office and am a part of the Northern Region.  We cover 15 counties including: Barbour, Hardy, Preston, Tucker, Taylor, Lewis, Upshur, Randolph, Pendleton, Grant, Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson.  I just started this new adventure in August 2017 and I am loving every minute!!!  I graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences, Birth to Pre-K.  I worked with the I/DD waiver program for 16 years before taking this position.  I can be reached at the Elkins office at 1-877-862-3103.


Ashley Cleaver

Infant Toddler Specialist

I am Ashley Cleaver, Infant/Toddler Specialist located in the Petersburg office. I started with MountainHeart in August 2017. I provide the West Virginia Infant/Toddler Professional Development Program (WVIT) and Technical Assistance for our 15 county region. I graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. I can be reached at the Petersburg office at 1-877-211-5437.


Cheryl L. Wolfe

TRAILS Early Childhood Specialist

Cheryl L. Wolfe graduated from Fairmont State University in May 2004 with a B.S. in Family and Consumers Sciences, Early Childhood Development.  She also received an A.A.S. in Early Childhood from Fairmont State Community & Technical College in 2002.  She has an A.A. in Sign Language Interpreter from Fairmont State College in 2002.

Cheryl started working with MountainHeart Community Service in September 2004 as the TRAILS Early Childhood Specialist in the Grafton office.  She enjoys her job working with providers and teachers to make the state of West Virginia the best it can be in providing excellent care and education to our young children.

4 Harman Center
Grafton, WV 26345
Phone: 1-877-811-5437

Cheryl Wolfe

Brenda Epperley

TRAILS Early Childhood Associate

Hello, my name is Brenda Epperley and I was hired March 16, 2015 as the MountainHeart Community Services, Inc., TRAILS Associate in the Grafton office. I take great pride and work hard in my position with the TRAILS program to ensure that the TRAILS resources are available and in excellent condition for the wonderful providers we service. I love my position as a part of the MountainHeart TRAILS program.


Carrie Frasch

Behavior Consultant

My name is Carrie Frasch and I am a Behavior Consultant for MountainHeart Community Services. I am located out of the Martinsburg office for MountainHeart North. I cover 15 counties including: Barbour, Hardy, Preston, Tucker, Taylor, Lewis, Upshur, Randolph, Pendleton, Grant, Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson. I graduated from Wilmington College University in 1995 with a BS in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  I earned my Master's Degree in 2007 in Supervision and Administration in Education.  I have over 17 years of experience teaching children ages 2 through 1st grade.  I began working for MountainHeart Community Services in 2014 as the TRAILS Early Childhood Specialist in Martinsburg and became a Behavior Consultant in 2017. I can be reached at the Martinsburg office at 304-262-1584.


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