Family Child Care Facilities and Homes Disaster Planning

Due to Federal Code 98.16(aa)(2) requiring Statewide disaster plan components to include procedures for continuity of operations, the Emergency Plan has been Revised. All child care programs need to complete the attached new form by *December 31, 2022*.

Family Child Care Facilities need to submit a revised copy to the local emergency management office. Family Child Care Regulatory Specialist will review Emergency Plan forms at the next visit. 


Family Child Care Homes will need to submit a copy of the revised plan to their assigned Family Child Care Regulatory Specialist for review.


WV Code Chapter 49-2-113(i) also has requirements for the plan as set forth below:

Any child-care service that is licensed or receives a certificate of registration shall have a written plan for evacuation in the event of fire, natural disaster or other threatening situation that may pose a health or safety hazard to the children in the child-care service. (2) A child-care service shall update the evacuation plan by December 31 of each year. If a child-care service fails to update the plan, no action shall be taken against the child-care services license or registration until notice is provided and the child-care service is given thirty days after the receipt of notice to provide an updated plan. (3) A child-care service shall retain an updated copy of the plan for evacuation and shall provide notice of the plan and notification that a copy of the plan will be provided upon request to any parent, custodian or guardian of each child at the time of the child’s enrollment in the child-care service and when the plan is
updated. (4) All child-care centers and family child-care facilities shall provide the plan and each updated copy of the plan to the Director of the Office of Emergency Services in the county where the center or facility is located.

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