Child Care Center COVID-19 Testing - Executive Order 35-20 - Guidance for Child Care Centers

Dear Providers,

Executive Order 35-20 issued May 6, 2020 requires all staff at Child Care Centers licensed by the WV DHHR Bureau for Children and Families pursuant to 78 CSR 1 (the regulations for Child Care Centers) to be tested for COVID-19. 

All currently operating Critical Child Care sites have 10 days from the date of the Executive Order – May 6, 2020 to complete the testing requirements.


SG 101C Child Care Center Staff Listing 

How to Obtain a COVID-19 Test


  • Facilities may check with their local health department to determine local testing options for obtaining a COVID-19 test.


  • Individuals may contact their primary care provider, health clinic, or other healthcare provider to arrange for testing or to obtain an order for a COVID-19 test that can be done elsewhere.

After identifying a site that does testing (or, if needed, obtaining an order for the test), the employee should call to arrange an appointment and go to the provider’s office, clinic, or testing site. If a drive-through testing site is an option, a scheduled time slot may be required. The employee must take the verification form (page two of this memo) to the provider/office/test site for completion. There is no charge to the individual for a COVID-19 test per Federal Law. 

Requirements for Information and reporting COVID-19 test results:

All Child Care Centers will be required to submit the following to the local health department:

  • COVID-19 test results for all staff  shall be reported to the local health department  WV Local Health Departments . All Child Care Centers will need to keep a copy of all staffs COVID-19 testing results on site.
    • As Child Care Centers bring on additional staff, prior to that staff member returning/starting to work they will have to have a COVID-19 test and receive the results, these results will not have to be submitted to the local health department.
  • Listing of all staff currently employed at the Child Care Center. Child Care Center Staff Listing form SG-101C
    • As Child Care Centers bring on additional staff, a listing of additional staff will have to be submitted to the local health department.
  • Child Care Checklist Form (SG- 101)
  • Child Care Checklist (SG-101A)

Thank You,

Todd McDaniel
Program Manager
Child Care Licensing Unit
Division of Early Care & Education
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